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What is our story?

When Ellen McGill and Dennis McGill traveled to West Africa in 2008, they discovered a corner of Farato, a village located in the Gambia, West Africa. They were charmed by children and their mothers who came to greet them. However, they were shocked from the poverty they witnessed.  The cramped mud brick houses lacked basic comforts of running water and electricity. Sometimes, there was no dinner.


Children did not attend school because families could not afford it.


As a result, the McGills formed a nonprofit organization, Future for Farato, to support the educational needs of children.

With the generous help of donations from friends and family, Future for Farato has annually sponsored 100 children to go to school, built a library, started a mini loan program, and opened a  free clinic.

Without the steadfast energy of Executive Director, Biran Sallah, none of this would be possible.


Dennis McGill with Biran Sallah and his niece, Fatim 2008

Ellen McGill showing digital camera to the kids, 2008

A bedroom in Farato, 2008

Biran Sallan and unschooled kids on the first visit in 2008.

Our History

Future for Farato is a 501(c)(3) in the US and registered in the Gambia

Board of Directors

Leigh Martin


Andrea Dillon


Lucille Nagin


Karen Windle

Nurse Pactitioner

Jillian David


Dennis and Ellen McGill

Biran Sallah, Executive Director

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