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Leigh Martin

Leigh Martin joined the Future for Farato Board in 2012 after visiting the region with the McGills.  As a Senior Director at Infor Dynamic Science Labs, Leigh’s background is oriented around data science, business and technology with a focus on the healthcare industry.  Besides an overall interest in educational opportunities, Leigh is particularly supportive of FFF’s efforts in the healthcare, technology and women-run business areas.  Leigh lives in the Boston area and has long enjoyed international travel, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages.


"Grassroots non-profit organizations are a unique way to directly impact people's lives.  As a board member of Future for Farato I support an organization that directs all funds towards improvement in the current lives and economic futures of people whom I have seen and met.  With even the modest amounts of money that we raise (relative to larger charitable organizations), Future for Farato provides real opportunity for individuals, and future generations, whose lives can significantly benefit from even small improvements."

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