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As our students progress, it became necessary for them to access the internet to excel in school  A few students have phones, but most are left struggling to compete .

We felt it necessary to provide reliable internet access to these students.  We have built a new center which is providing internet access for our students..

 New Computer Center!


Farato Celebrates its Graduates

Many of our original group of kids are now graduating.

Fatou Drammeh1.jpg

Fatou Drammeh  has finished three years of nursing school.

 She has traveled with her school on special projects and has received recognition for her academic excellence.

We are so proud of Farato's first graduate of nursing school.



Fatim Sallah 

As Biran's oldest niece, Fatim has grown up helping her

mom and aunt grow and sell parsley at the local market.

Fatim asprires to greater goals by studying business at


the local college.  We anticipate Fatim will put her family's

work ethic into a successful business career.

Lamin Sarjo

Lamin has graduated teachers college. Lamin loves children and has earned a lot of experience with children as coach of a soccer team.  Lamin's kind nature and determination  will make him an effective teacher.  He is sure to make his mother proud, because she raised him entirely on her own.

Mo Lamin Bojang.jpg

Mo Lamin Bojang

This young man aspires to be an electrician.  He is the oldest child of 6 children.  After graduating technical school, he will be able to help his community install power in their homes.

Fatou Bojang.jpg
Fatou Bojang

Fatou  is going to study to be a teacher.  As the oldest girl of 6, she has a jump on how to handle children.    Fatou is poised, intelligent and knows how to handle herself.  She will make a fine teacher.


Ebrima Jatta

This good looking young Farato man would also like to be trained as an electician.

Musa Kolley

Musa Kolley was the first student who has graduated university.  A star from the beginning, 11 year old Musa sailed through primary and secondary school.  Proudly admitted to the competitive University of The Gambia, he graduated  with a degree in business administration.  

After a short stint working the Serrekunda Market, Musa worked at a bank and he 

is now happily employed at the University of the Gambia.


The happiest news is that Musa married the beautiful Nyahalla and they magically

produced their daughter, Adam. 

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