Future for Farato was created in 2008 to support the educational needs of the village children.  Families could not afford the $50 annual school fees.  The charity currently sponsors 100 children.  Our students have the reputation of being unusually motivated.  Two students have already graduated from secondary school.  The charity proudly supports their first University of the Gambia Student, Musa Kolley.



Future for Farato built a library filled with donated books in 2012.  Now the children have access to resources that support their education and development.  On any given day, you can find many children in the library reading, watching educational videos, playing with reading readiness materials, or just enjoying their books.

Our Projects

Micro Loan Program

Future for Farato supports a mini loan program.  Village women are given a modest loan of $35 to begin a small business.  Through this program, women earn additional money to buy school supplies, food, and clothing for their familiy.  To date, mini loans have been given to 40 women.  Loans are consistently paid back so that the program can offer more loans to more women.

​​Health Clinic

Future for Farato opened a free clinic in the heart of the village in 2018. The clinic is stocked with donated over the counter pain medicines,antiseptics, dressings, a diabetes meter and test strips. A local nurse handles first aid and distributes medications as needed. This easily accessible clinic makes a big improvement in the lives of local families.


186 Stratford St

West Roxbury Ma 02132

617 921 8185

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