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Jillian David


Jill David joined the Future for Farato board in 2017 after years of being a supporter. She grew up in West Roxbury and has known Ellen since her childhood, watching FFF grow from an initial idea to the charity it is today.

A teacher for the Brookline Public schools in their Pre-K and special education program, Jill spends her summers as an assistant director at the Beaver Country Day Summer Program.  

Creative and energetic, Jill has designed and donated educational materials for the preschool kids of Farato.

Jill’s passion for sewing led her to Days for Girls, an organization that educates girls about their bodies and provides them with reusable feminine hygiene products. Inspired by Jill, Future for Farato then provided village girls with Days for Girls Kits so they can go to school every day.

Jill hopes to visit Farato in the future, but for now resides with her young family in Watertown, MA. 

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