Future for Farato Children's Library

Built in 2012, the Library is the heartbeat of the village.

If the doors are open, the library is filled.

The "Swarm (preschoolers), watch educational videos and play with readiness materials. Students take advantage of the electric lights for homework.  The library hosts village meetings and crafts sessions for the mothers.  And it's the home of hundreds of lovely books.

Future for Farato has installed free internet for the use of our secondary school students.  Currently there are 10 students who have been given computers or iPads for internet access.  Now they can compete with more affluent students who have access to internet.

In January 2020 visitor Dean Kupstas headed up the reconstruction of our library roof.

Most of our collection was destroyed when the roof blew off in the rainy season of 2019.  The sturdier roof will better protect the new books. 

186 Stratford St

West Roxbury Ma 02132

617 921 8185

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